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  • Katie Burnett

Alysha and Jon - Nordegg Helicopter Elopement

High on the list of things I am grateful for is Kalene with KW Beauty. There is a lot of reasons for this, number one is that she's a great driver and way better at directions that I am. Number two is that she fearlessly traps wasps. Number three is that she is just a total delight to work with. I am lucky to work with her but even luckier to call her a friend.

Alysha and Jon did a helicopter elopement in Nordegg and it was DEVINE! I have never flown in a helicopter before but it was pretty sweet. I love flying so it was nbd for me. We had a small group of people with us including their little girl, Madi and dads. Jon's dad officiated the ceremony and Alysha's dad was in charge of baby-wrangling! A surprise to us all was that Alysha announced her second pregnancy! What a special day!

Shoutout to Confetti Wedding for featuring this beautiful wedding on their website!

Wedding Flowers

Bloom Assembly


Ruffled Rose Veils


Haiku Lane Jewelry


Rockies Heli

Hair and Makeup

KW Beauty

Wedding Gown

David’s Bridal

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