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  • Katie Burnett

BAR-OA - Farm to Fork Small Business Photography

I have been a long time fan of BAR-OA and I am lucky enough to do brand photography for them each year. An added bonus is the beautiful florals that grace my home when I am done! Perks of the job...

Bryanna is an advocate for sustainable, local farms and flowers. She works tirelessly but makes it look effortless. Last summer she asked me if I could come out and take some photos for the Farm to Fork event that she had planned. Working with local chef Crystal Higgins, who crafted the most amazing meal, Bryanna put together an inspired, refreshing date night event. Chef Crystal created a meal based on local products and even included some of Bryanna's floral crop! Take a look below. I would also encourage following Bar-OA on social media so that you can get on their list for the next event!


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