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  • Katie Burnett

Jillian and Shawn Intimate Elopement Wedding | Banff Alberta

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The Story

Shawn and Jillian had originally planned a large, family wedding but due to COVID-19 circumstances, they had to change plans. Foregoing the big wedding, they instead invested in a new home and eloped to Banff, Alberta.

The ceremony took place on the rocks along the beach of Lake Minnewanka with Twyla Jacobson from Calgary officiating.

Jillian, who proclaims herself to be bad at fashion, took no less than 3 different veil styles to hair stylist, Lillies and Lace Beauty Co., and let them choose. She wore a bird cage veil with white and black feathers. Her bouquet was made up of vibrant pink and blue flowers to coordinate with her rose gold shoes.

Jillian and Shawn capped the evening off with dinner at Chucks Steakhouse before heading off to enjoy the start of their honeymoon at the Rimrock Resort.

Who helped make this Banff Wedding beautiful?

Featured: @confettiwedmag

Link to feature!

Flowers: @banffflowers

Location: Rimrock Resort, Banff Alberta

Hair and Makeup: @liliesandlacebeautyco

Photography: @kburnettphotography (Me!)


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