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  • Katie Burnett

Mountain Reverie Editorial | Jasper Alberta

I have a personal goal for myself to complete a certain number of creative only shoots a year. This trip to Jasper was to complete one of those goals. It was so fun and the results were these beautiful editorial photos that were featured in PRINT at Picton Magazine!

The Story of this Editorial Photography

She is a barefoot Goddess.

Who is she?

She is grounded with nature. Is she the skilled huntress Artemis?

Her face is soft and full of understanding and compassion. Is she Shala the Goddess of grain and compassion?

She is timeless. She is effortless. She is grounded.

She is contemporary. She is romantic. She is authentic.

Who helped make this Mountain Revere Editorial beautiful?

Featured: @pictonmag

Buy a Print: Picton Mag

Hair and Makeup: @kwbeautyyeg

Photography: @kburnettphotography (Me!)


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